Nathan Westbrook comes in ranked 6th and finishes with the silver medal in the 93kg/205lbs in his FIRST collegiate nationals! He secured the silver with a 651 squat, 441 bench, and 628 deadlift. Congratulations to Nathan Westbrook on his All-American status!


Ashleigh Andrews was the first National Champion of the weekend. Andrews placed 2nd her freshmen year, and came back more determined than ever. Andrews easily took home the Gold medal in the 84kg class, with a record setting performance of 1190lbs! Congratulations to the newest member of the Hall of Champions, Ashleigh Andrews!

ashleigh deadlifting
jenn squatting


Our final National Champion is 84kg+ lifter Jenn Moran! Moran destroyed all her competition at the 2014 collegiate nationals on her way to her 2nd National Championship. Moran is the first Texas A&M lifter to win back to back years since the great Tiffany McKinney dynasty. On Moran’s path to victory she set the ALL-TIME female squat record at 490lbs and she made it look easy! Congratulations to the now back to back National Champion, Jenn Moran!


The final Texas A&M lifter was Scott Dobbins. Dobbins finished 6th his freshmen year, 3rd his sophomore year, and was looking for the Gold in 2014. Dobbins moved up to the SHW class for a better shot at the Gold medal weighing in at 271 in the 264lbs class. Dobbins put together a monumental record setting performance of being the first Texas A&M lifter to total 2000lbs! Dobbins squatted a new SHW school record of 771lbs on his 2nd attempt. Dobbins then pulled 672lbs to complete a 7/9 day and finished with a new PR total. Congratulations to Scott for his silver medal, PR total, and for being the first Aggie to total 2000lbs!

dobbins bench