Texas A&M Powerlifting has the privilege of lifting in the best collegiate powerlifting facility in the country. Through generous donations over the years we have been able to outfit our gym with any equipment we could ever need including multiple ER Racks, Elite FTS Safety Squat Bars, Rogue Deadlift Jacks, and Rogue Ohio Power Bars.


Now that our gym is upgraded to our needs we turn our attention to the lifters themselves. Texas A&M Powerlifting currently does not offer any scholarships to our lifters, but is in the process of saving funds to create an endowment through the Texas A&M Foundation. We must have $25,000 saved in order to start this endowment. After this endowment is set-up and interest has been collected we plan to begin a $1000/year scholarship awarded to a member who we feel exhibits the qualities we believe that makes a great Aggie: Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect, and Selfless Service.


Offering a scholarship makes our team competitive when recruiting potential members from out-of-state. When awarding a member from out-of-state a scholarship, this waives their out-of-state tuition and makes the cost of attending Texas A&M much more affordable.


As a non-profit organization all donations through the Texas A&M Foundation can be tax deductible. If you are interested in helping Texas A&M Powerlifting reach this goal please contact our Fundraising Officer, Cheyenne Liles, with any questions at, the Texas A&M Foundation at (979) 845-8161, or the Department of Recreational Sports Director of Development: James Welford, at and (979) 862-1856.